Jeanne Rogers of Financial Business Group Holdings

Demand Generation | Marketing Strategist | Marketing and Sales Executive | Sales Enablement


About Jeanne:

Jeanne Rogers has been with FBG Holdings for four years and currently serves as VP of Marketing. It’s the latest role in a career spent in marketing, advertising and sales, including a lengthy stint working in the media industry. Jeanne has a successful history of developing winning strategies and campaigns as well as leading teams. A graduate of CSU Fullerton, she enjoys woodworking in her spare time.

Jeanne is an OMCP™ (Online Marketing Certified Professional) with in-depth experience developing integrated media solutions that meet marketer brand, product and service values across multiple digital platforms with an aptitude for executing to organizational goals. Jeanne has advanced ability to collaborate on projects and develop products for marketers based on strategic empirical knowledge and applicable digital technology for data driven decision making.

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