Jolynn Atkins of MacKenzie Corp

Jolynn is a customer and employee-centric leader helping organizations thrive by bringing people together and fostering connection

She joined MacKenzie Corp based on the company’s strong culture surrounding community, passion for women in leadership, and actionable data and customer experience strategy.

Jolynn’s previous experience in organizational development and employee engagement is a compliment to MacKenzie’s capabilities. Today, more than ever, consumers and employees chose to stay engaged with brands based on their personal experiences.

Her desire for customer centricity fuels her continuous exploration on the future of market research, customer journey mapping, marketing automation, and voice of the customer programs.

Jolynn also serves on the advisory boards for the Comerica Women’s Business Symposium and Sales and Marketing Leadership Alliance. 

Jolynn is an avid hockey fan (Go DUCKS!) and Orange County native currently residing in Anaheim with her husband Dave and son Blake. 

About MacKenzie Corporation: 

We empower brands to strengthen their value proposition by leveraging the voice of the customer. Partnering with clients to further grow market share by better understanding consumer demands.