Jolynn Atkins of MacKenzie Corp

Jolynn considers herself a customer and employee-centric leader helping organizations thrive by bringing people together and fostering connection. Her dedication to cultivating strong cross-functional collaborations has enabled individuals to enhance their skill sets and expand their bottom-line business contributions, resulting in deeper levels of group collaboration and cohesiveness.

Jolynn’s leadership brings the right people to the table to design signature customer experiences and business infrastructure; attracting new business, existing business expansion, and strengthens organizational branding with a distinctive reputation. She is a natural communicator and consensus builder with extensive success ensuring quality customer-centric engagements at all levels of business operations.

The best customer experience Jolynn has ever had was at Stefano’s in Yorba Linda. The family owned and operated restaurant Рwhere everyone knows your name (literally), has exceptional paninis, and the owner sits down and enjoys wine and conversation with the guests

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