Rob Pearson of Rareview + Lauren Feehrer of LoyaltyCraft

CMO | Brand Building | Digital Commerce | Investor | Advisor

About Rob:

Rob is a strategic marketing executive focused on creating a unique and profoundly personalized experience with consumers. He believes that the proliferation of AI capabilities will allow more brands to establish a more in-depth, scientific understanding of their consumers, particularly when paired with the human side of customer-centricity.

Rob is a curious person, continually working on understanding the opportunity and impact of brand building at the intersection of behavioral/contextual data, tech, and commerce. He leverages his unique background in working with brands to give him an expert ability to understand quickly, adapt, and architect marketing strategies, solutions, and experiences that create measurable business results.

Awards: “30 under 30” Top Marketing Executives, Marcom platinum & gold winner, Web award winner, Hermes Platinum award winner, Top 100 Marketing Executives worldwide, “40 under 40” Top Business Leaders.

Areas of Expertise: Digital marketing strategy, online marketing, e-commerce, e-commerce strategy, creative design, multivariate tests, analytics & reporting, search engine marketing (SEM, PPC, CPL, CPA) and optimization (SEO), product design, entertainment, media, consulting, business development, merchandising, subscription platforms, online advertising, product marketing, web design, social media marketing, mobile & video advertising, SaaS technology, blogs, email, acquisition, retention, mobile app, design & development, technology, fashion, pet care, CPG, retail marketing & P&L

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