Sid Clark, LinkedIn Coach

LinkedIn Coach, Blogger and Investigator, an English Instructor, and ACT/SAT Prep Tutor

About Sid:

Fortunate enough to attend Harvard on scholarship, Sid earned a B.A. in Physical Sciences. Entering the US Air Force, he served as a Ground Electronics Officer (heavy radar maintenance). Earning a Master’s in System Management at USC after leaving the Air Force gave Sid broad familiarity with computing and systems analysis in industry.  After civilian careers as a research engineer, business systems analyst, computer system administrator, and software test engineer, Sid now shares his life lessons to share while helping young professionals improve their abilities to communicate. The “niche” technical skill that he continues to develop is writing macros in the VBA language of Microsoft Excel.

Turning his software test engineering skills to LinkedIn, Sid finds great satisfaction in helping others understand and navigate the site. His published “tips and tricks” articles have earned a following and many new connections from people who enjoy probing LinkedIn’s technicalities. His favorite compliment was being termed a “LinkedIn Detail Artist.”